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Geoscience Australia is Australia's pre-eminent public sector geoscience organisation.We are the nation's trusted advisor on the geology and geography of Australia.A second set of samples was collected later and prepared for analysis by researchers at University of Bern in Switzerland.Carbon-14 has been the prevailing technique for groundwater dating since its development in 1949, but it can provide an age for materials only up to approximately 60,000 years old.We apply science and technology to describe and understand the Earth for the benefit of Australia.Education At Geoscience Australia we provide a range of curriculum-linked, hands-on activities to promote geoscience.

1, 2014--Neil Sturchio, chair of the Department of Geological Sciences at University of Delaware, is co-author of a Nature Geoscience paper detailing a pioneering new technique to date groundwater.Researchers also have used Helium-4 to date groundwater in aquifers with varying results because naturally occurring helium from basement rock can skew measurements and make the water appear older than it is.Krypton-81, however, only comes from the atmosphere, eliminating questions about the source.Board staff cannot subscribe or unsubscribe you, or change your email address.Subscribers manage their own accounts using the links provided in the emails, once they have confirmed their subscription by replying to an initial "Subscription Confirmation Requested" email.

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